The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Dir: Joe Johnson, Lasse Hallstrom
Walt Disney Pictures


NVIZ provided real-time visualisation for Disney’s take on The Nutcracker.

Using Ncam’s real-time camera tracking technology, the NVIZ team (led by Hugh Macdonald) provided extensions and CG elements for a variety of sets including forests, castles and vast waterwheels, helpling the crew visualise areas within the ‘Four Realms’ in real time.

Working closely with Director of Photography Linus Sandgren, VFX Supervisor Max Wood and visualisation studio The Third Floor, our team integrated into the shooting crew, using four systems across two units, which led to a large amount of realtime CG content captured in-camera.

This footage was then passed on for use by other departments, informing Editorial decisions and streamlining the Postvis process in VFX.

“At the end of every take not only was the camera data saved but also the geometry of the models...if the director or DP want to make minor adjustments after seeing the pre-vis, the artists already have the essentials in place and can go from there”

Max Wood, VFX Supervisor

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Virtual Camera SupervisorHugh Macdonald