Robin Hood

Dir: Otto Bathurst


NVIZ are proud to provide previs and postvis on Otto Bathurst's Robin Hood.

Working with production in both Budapest and London, NVIZ worked alongside Cinesite's Visual Effects Supervisor Simon Stanley Clamp to bring to life Otto Bathurst's vision for Robin Hood.

NVIZ collaborated with the Art Department and Stunt teams to help choreograph a key action sequence in the film showing Robin being chased on horse back across rooftops at night. Working on a series of beats together with Second Unit Director Simon Crane, NVIZ helped to create an exciting sequence that was matched closely in the shoot itself and then carried through into Postvis.

NVIZ's Postvis work on Robin Hood consisted of 600 shots across a variety of sequences.  As well as the horse chase sequence, a key element of the postvis work was assisting in the placement of arrows into key fighting sequences.

The Director was very keen to add a large volume of arrows to the shots, in particular to demonstrate Robin's developing skills and Postvis helped with the timing and pacing of this. 

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Previs SupervisorMark Brown
Postvis SupervisorNikki Atkinson