Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Dir: Mike Newell
Walt Disney Pictures


NVIZ worked on Prince of Persia from the start of the show, creating 15 previs sequences over the course of a year working closely with VFX Supervisor Tom Wood and VFX Producer Sharon Lark.

These included the Alamut siege, oasis battle, the rewind sequences and the final sand room sequences.

The staging of the action in the Oasis battle with the Hassansin Vipers was one of the more challenging scenes to previs. Multiple battles outbreak simultaneously, and from different direction.  We needed to be wary of screen direction ensuring the audiences were not left confused by keeping the action pacey and continuously re-establishing actor's positions throughout.


Having completed extensive previz work, we carried on to do over 190 visual effects shots in Post-production.

Some of the movie's major set pieces feature background composites by us, including the night-time 'time-turning' scene by the river, the battle at the desert oasis, the seige of the city, and the arrival of the Persian army out of a sandstorm at the beginning of the film.

In addition to a lot of challenging compositing, we also created flying daggers, sandstorms, flying arrows and sparks. We added the blade of Tamina's sword and removed copious amounts of blood deemed too shocking for the film's audience. We also removed jeep tracks from the desert and we replicated and enhanced armies.

Prince of Persia VFX

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VFX SupervisorPaddy Eason
CG Supervisor Martin Chamney