Dir: Brian Helgeland
Working Title


NVIZ completed over 260 VFX shots for Legend, the 2015 film about notorious gangsters the Kray twins.

As Tom Hardy was cast in both roles, our VFX Supervisor Adam Rowland worked closely with Director Brian Helgeland and the camera department in deciding how certain sequences should be shot, while leaving enough flexibility to support any potential changes later.

Using a combination of split screens and face replacements, we were able to help the audience suspend their disbelief and allow Tom Hardy’s performance do the talking.

In addition to the work on the Kray twins themselves we reinforced the 1960's aesthetic by adding background architecture such as bridges, gasometers, factories and shopfronts, as well as cars and people. Several environments were created digitally entirely from scratch, including a huge digital matte-painting of sixties London which made up the opening shot of the film.

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VFX SupervisorAdam Rowland
VFX ProducerSimon Kenny