Kick-Ass 2

Dir: Jeff Wadlow
MARV Films


NVIZ completed all 350 VFX shots for MARV Films’ Kick-Ass 2

Completing all the VFX in around three months, the team led by Hugh Macdonald worked on CG set extensions, CG buildings, screen graphics, blood and weapon enhancements and panoramic environments.

NVIZ worked closely with the Stunts department on a sequence involving a chase fight on the top of a van as it speeds along the freeway. The shoot for this was split between work on a stage with the real actors, and on real roads using Stunt performers. The plates were then matched up in the Edit before being passed on for our team to join together using background plates from a separate shoot. 

During the various fight scenes, the team worked hard throughout to strike a balance with the blood and gore, ensuring that the film still achieved it's rating whilst also giving fans of the comic what they want. 

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VFX SupervisorHugh Macdonald
VFX ProducerGil James
Graphics SupervisorChris Lunney