Jason Bourne

Dir: Paul Greengrass


The names’ Bourne..Jason Bourne.

NVIZ designed and animated over 100 screens across 350 shots for Jason Bourne’s fourth outing.

Teaming up once again with Paul Greengrass, our graphics team created a variety of storytelling screens helping Bourne decipher the secrets of his hidden past. We worked closely with Editorial to ensure that our screens were as informative and realistic as possible.

In keeping with Greengrass’ shooting style, our VFX Department ensured that all screens were seamlessly added in post-production. They also created crowd replications, DMPs and many other technical and cosmetic fixes to help bring the project to life.

Jason Bourne on IMDB.

VFX SupervisorAdam Rowland
Graphics SupervisorChris Lunney
VFX ProducerCiaran Keenan