Dir: Martin Scorsese
GK Films


NVIZ provided Previs and won a VES award for Virtual Cinematography for their work on Martin Scorcese's Hugo.

NVIZ provided on-set previs for the VFX Oscar winning film Hugo, utilising real-time camera tracking technology. Full size camera rigs were encoded to capture and record camera motions driving our virtual camera in real-time. Previs assets and virtual environments were deployed serving as temporary backgrounds, and composited through the green screen portion of the live image.

The DOP was empowered to compose VFX shots whilst the Director and shooting crew were provided with an accurate visualization of the virtual sets; in context with the real-time live action as shots were being filmed. This composite material provided immediate accurate Postvis material for editing the film, without having to wait for months for temporary VFX shots.

In addition to the Previs and VP work on the film, NVIZ also created a concept shot based on the inner workings of George Melies' camera. Although not seen in the final film, it's an interesting and historical insight of film cameras from the turn of the century.

See the test below:

Previs SupervisorMartin Chamney