Dir: Alex Garland


NVIZ team up with Alex Garland once again to provide VFX for Devs.

Devs, written and directed by Alex Garland has been one of the most talked about dramas of 2020, and has captured all of our imaginations.

Not surprisingly, considering Garland's credentials (Annihilation, Ex-Machina), Devs presents an intellectual mind-bender of an experience to the viewer, that toys with the use of quantum computing to simulate the future using the ideology of determinism

Set in the near future, the series follows the story of a group of developers ('devs') who are recruited by tech company, Amaya. However, the work is shrouded in mystery and the developers don't even know what the department does.

NVIZ were thrilled to collaborate on the project with Alex Garland, and VFX Supervisor Andrew Whitehurst, working on over 120 shots including complex 3D environment work.

Here's what the press are saying about Devs:

'Its ambition, design and cinematography are beyond almost anything else attempted for the small screen' The Independent

'Devs, the first adventure in TV drama from writer/director Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation), is full of (...) beautiful, weird, frequently breathtaking imagery, the like of which we have only seen in big-budget fantasy movies just a few years back' Empire

'(... ) the way that Garland and his collaborators composed and arranged the pictures on the screen left me entranced throughout' Rolling Stone

VFX SupervisorRichard Clarke