A message about Covid-19

As we all try to mitigate the dangers of COVID-19 to our personal and economic communities, Nviz is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all our staff and clients.

From Monday, 23rd March 100% of our employees have the option of working from home in our London and Los Angeles offices. 

We will continue to deliver the high-quality work Nviz is known for, while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

Throughout, we are mindful of the unique security issues faced by the Studios we work with. We are working closely with all of them to meet every one of their requirements and are grateful for their pragmatic approach to the current situation.  

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our artists for their patience and flexibility throughout, and particularly to our Tech and Production teams for their tireless efforts in managing this complicated process with their usual excellence, humour and compassion.

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